Breeders of the Year Awards

NSW Members Cat/Kitten of the Year Awards

Each calendar year (Jan - Dec) the Society honours the top Burmese cats and kittens owned by its NSW members in the Members Cat/Kitten of the Year Awards. These awards are presented at the Society's annual championship show.   Awards are made to the 5 top Burmese cats/kittens in each of the following categories:

  • Male Kitten
  • Female Kitten
  • Neuter Kitten
  • Spay Kitten
  • Male Cat
  • Female Cat
  • Neuter Cat
  • Spay Cat

Goals and Objectives

In making these Awards the Society's goals are to:

  • promote excellence in the Burmese breed by recognising those cats/kittens of its members that best conform to the breed standard
  • encourage member registered breeders to breed to the recognised standard and to strive for quality
  • encourage members and breeders to take an active interest in the Society
  • encourage exhibitors to show and display their beautiful Burmese
  • encourage exhibitors and the general public to desex cats not required for breeding purposes
  • encourage recognition by members of the public of the value in owning a Burmese cat.

How does my cat/kitten get points for these awards?

Points are awarded on the basis of the results of Burmese cats and kittens in NSW cat shows held during the calendar year in which challenges etc. are recognised by the NSW Cat Fanciers Association Inc.

A point is awarded for each award the cat/kitten wins . The awards that earn points are:

  • Challenge/Best in section
  • Best of breed
  • Best in Group

In addition, to be eligible for an award, the cat/kitten must

  • have at least one best of breed award and a total of 5 points
  • be in continuous ownership of a financial member of the Society.

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