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Wanted: Older Burmese

Contact: Jenny

Phone: 0432940244

Hi, I am a Burmese lover (currently have 2 adorable boys) and am writing on behalf of my uncle.

My uncle is in his mid 70's and lives alone. He recently had to say goodbye to his much loved 20 year old brown burmese boy, Zac. He is missing his company terribly and whilst he recognises that he is too old to commit to a kitten, he'd love to find an older burmese that needs a new home. He is happy to consider any older cat (although not too close to 20, I'd hate to see him lose another too soon).

I've been scouring the internet for such a cat but have had no luck, many of the rescue sites have remained unused for over a year.

If you can assist in any way, I'd appreciate you contacting me We're locate in Wollongong area and my uncle lives in the Shoalhaven area.


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Expiry: 08 Jan 15

Wanted Older Burmese in the Noosa Area.

Contact: Deborah

Phone: 0408 700 664

WANTED: We are intereted in offering a home to an Older Buremse cat Male or Female.

We are previous Burmese owners and live in the Noosa Shire (QLD).

Please contact us if you have a cat suitable.

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Expiry: 08 Jan 15


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