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Contact: Trudy (VIA MELANIE)

Phone: 0411 311 311

Two older burmese are in URGENT need of a home.

Their owner is moving overseas and doesn't wish to put them through the stress of relocating them. The owners leav in March and time is running out!!!

The cats are HEALTHY, Desexed, Microchipped etc.

The Male Brown (from KANDID CATTERY - Registered breeder with many years experience) is now 12 years old.

The Girl is a lovely Blue Burmese.

Papers Available.

Please contact Melanie for additional contact information and photos.


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Expiry: 17 Mar 15

Chocolate Female Burmese

Contact: Yvonne

Phone: 0414403246

I have a retired breeding queen (Chocolate) just turned 5 yrs old hoping to find a caring forever indoor home. She would be best suited to a quiet home with no other 'cat friends' to begin with. Genuine enquireis welcome - photo is available on request.

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Expiry: 12 Mar 15

Young Adult Burmese in need of homes.

Contact: Melanie Martin

Phone: 0411311311

I currently have 3 beautiful young adult Burmese Boys in my care and looking for a permanent loving home.

I have bred these boys and can discuss the lines they come from in detail.

They have been vet checked and are healthy. Vavccinations up to date and nothing to do.

The new owners will be provided with most of the basics to get them started including....
Vet recommended food,
Litter and Litter Tray
Toy etc

They will also come with the same Health guarantee we offer with our kittens and all the services we offer to our kitten clients will also apply.

They would suit a home where people are around to give them lots of love, affection and spend time playing with them. 2 of the boys are fine with Children, the 3rd boy probably best with teenagers or adults only.

Please contact me for additional information and photos.

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