Show News - 2000

by Carol Lutz, Show Secretary

On Saturday, 19th February 2000, 58 exhibitors brought 147 Burmese cats and kittens to Forestville in Sydney for the Burmese Cat Society of Australasia’s 32nd Annual Championship Show – The Whiskas Celebration of Burmese. Exhibits and exhibitors came from all over NSW, and even from Canberra and Victoria to compete in this prestigious event.

The show was a three ring open Australian style event, where the judging was carried out in front of the public. Our judges included Karen Moore (NSW), Ceska Brown (NSW) and Theresa Imboden–Johnson (NSW) for the kittens, Maureen Camarsh (NSW), Val Harney (QLD) and Val Hurry (NSW) for the entire cats and Barbara LaRocca (QLD), Gary Brown (QLD) and Rhondda Watson (NSW) for the desexed cats. Unfortunately, David Purdue (SA) and Fiona Cooper (NSW) were unable to judge due to accidents.

The best male, female and desexed kittens and the best male, female, neuter and spay cats in each ring competed against each other for a place in the top 10 Burmese in the show. Karen Moore was the judge for this difficult task, and awarded supreme exhibit to Kandid Aroha Lady, a beautiful lilac female cat owned and bred by Deirdre Slacke.

There were kittens galore at the show this year with 8 litters competing. The Best Litter in the show was a Kimsuki litter of 4 chocolate kittens, bred by Margaret Walker. The Best Rainbow coloured litter was a Karellame litter of 4 kittens, which is the first litter bred by Mark and Kellie Lorschy.

A regular feature of the Burmese Cat Society Show is the special classes honouring the veteran Burmese cats, those over 7 years old. This year saw 12 golden oldies competing for awards in age, coat colour, head type and body type. Val Harney was delighted by the exhibits and awarded the Best Golden Oldie award to Bronze Double Grand Champion Diosna Valdoro, a 9 year old Brown Male, bred by L Burling and owned by William and Yvonne McIntyre.

Another special class saw many Burmese cats and kittens compete for the award of Supreme Purrsonality exhibit. One of the Society’s foundation members, Madge Craig teamed with Margaret Walker and Margaret Blinman to choose the friendliest exhibit. After meeting so many purring Burmese, the judges settled on a winner: Gold Double Grand Champion Incazo Simply Special, a brown tortoiseshell spay, owned by Ian Dunn and bred by Ian and Carol Lutz.

One of the Society’s lifetime members, Doris Burnage, was called on to judge the special lucky 8 competition. Eight exhibits, selected at random from all the exhibits that missed a best in show award, competed against each other in this round robin competition. The lucky cat was Gold Double Grand Champion, CCC of A Champion, ACT Triple Grand Champion Rosepark Snowdrop, a lovely lilac spay bred by Christine Atkins and owned by Chris Buckley and Brenda Gorrie. All eight exhibits in this competition took home some lovely trophies.

This year the Society also had a special exhibition area for My Special Burmese exhibits. This attracted an interesting entry, where a large family entry of Brown Burmese was received. The family consisted of mum, Bajimbi Jemima, dad, Grand Champion Sinh Sable Taliesin, daughter, Htusann Jessikat and grand daughter Htusann Maid Marion. Htusann Maid Marion’s litter of 10 Brown Burmese was also entered in the show. Another exhibit in the show was Bajimbi Jemima’s great grand daughter, Htusann Blue Bianka and her first litter of 5.

The display of rosettes, ribbons and trophies filled the stage at the front of the hall, and the trophy stewards worked hard delivering prizes and awards throughout the day. The ribbons and rosettes, from America, were in the society’s colours of brown, blue and cream, with the veteran ribbons in teal, burgundy and silver. Trophies and prizes were varied and numerous in number and included sponsorship from Whiskas, exelpet, International Animal Health Products and Pfizer.

As part of the celebrations, the Burmese Cat and Kitten of the Year awards for 1999 were presented throughout the day. These awards saw the owners of the top Burmese cats and kittens from 1999 being honoured. The Pebs Brown Simba Cat of the Year was Gold Double Grand, CCC of A Champion Kandid Sable Tamahine; a brown female owned by Beverly Pogson and bred by Deirdre Slacke. The Desexed Cat of the Year was Gold Double Grand, CCC of A Champion Kandid Litle Ipo, a chocolate spay owned by Connie Chapman and bred by Deirdre Slacke. The 1999 Member’s Breeder of the Year was Deirdre Slacke of Kandid Kattery.

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